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(A National Level Painting Competition)

Experience-Japan organized a national level painting competition for school students in the month of July-August, 2013. This competition was in 2 categories on following themes:

Category - I: Japanese Festivals
Category - II: Similarities Between culture of Japan & India or Japan & India relationship

940 students from various schools of India participated in this competition. (Received Entries from Moga, Patiala, Sonepat, Panipat, New Delhi, Karnal, Allahabad, Surat, Unnao, Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Trichi, Muradabad, Ulao, Ghaziabad, Etawah, Meerut, Bhatinda, Jamshedpur, Meyyor, Hyderabad, Raigad, Hawra, Hayath Nagar, Goa, Jaipur etc.)

Entries closed on August 4th, 2013.

Following students paintings got select in top 30 category:

Category: I

1. Anshika Kakkar (DPS East Of Kailash)

2. Aryaman Chandra  (DPS East Of Kailash)

3. Kabeer Sekhari (DPS East Of Kailash)

4. Arul Goyal (DPS Moradabad)

5. Bonita (DPS Sonepat)

6. Tripti Singh (DPS Sonepat)

7. Vaishali Chawla (PIET Sanskriti School-Panipat)

8. Prachi Parmar (PIET Sanskriti School-Panipat)

9. Tanisha Bhikan (Arwachin International School-New Delhi)

10. Prabhusahil (Arwachin International School-New Delhi)

11. Ridhima Bansal (Mount Litera Zee School-Meerut)

12. Vivian Pereira (R.N. Podar C.B.S.E. School-Mumbai)

13. Sanya Mahajan (DPS Mathura Road)

14. Priyanshu Mondol (Jindal Mount Litera Zee School)

15. Diya (G.D. Goenka-Surat)

Category: II

1. M. Somnath (Arwachin International School-New Delhi)

2. Sakshi Gupta  (Arwachin International School-New Delhi)

3. Sriya Bose (Amity International School-New Delhi)

4. Priyanka Madan (Amity International School)

5. Chaitanya (Amity International School)

6. Kajal Dokania (G.D. Goenka –Surat)

7. Nikita Lahoti (G.D. Goenka –Surat)

8. Prachi Bindal (G.D. Goenka –Surat)

9. Aman Nagpal (DPS Mathura Road)

10. Himanshi Singh (Mount Litera Zee School-Etwah)

11. Shreya Sharma (Mount Litera Zee School-Etwah)

12. P. Nandini (DPS Hydrabad)

13. Rishika Rastogi (DPS Moradabad)

14. Sandeep Ranjan (DPS Sonepat)

15. Ritika Bhajiwala(G.D. Goenka-Surat)

Paintings of above mentioned students exhibited at following places:

Multi Art Culture Center from 18 Aug. 2013 - 23 Aug. 2013(Kurukshetra-HR.)-Fianl result of competition will be announced there. 

PIET Sanskriti School on 18 Aug. 2013(Panipat-HR.)

The Japan Foundation from 14 Dec. 2013 - 26 Dec. 2013 (New Delhi)

Final Result of the competition:

Category: 1

               1st Position                         :                             Sanya Mahajan (DPS Mathura Road)

               2nd Position                        :                             Bonita Joon (DPS Sonepat)

               3rd Position                         :                             Tripti Singh (DPS Sonepat)

               Consolation 1                    :                             Kabeer Sakhari (DPS East Of Kailash)

               Consolation 2                    :                             Prachi Parmar (PIET Sanskriti School)

Category: 2

               1st Position                         :                             P. Nandini (DPS Hyderabad)

               2nd Position                        :                             Ritika (G.D. Goenka-Surat)

               3rd Position                         :                             Kajal Dokania (G.D. Goenka-Surat)

               Consolation 1                    :                             Rishika Rastogi (DPS Moradabad)

               Consolation 2                    :                             Sriya Bose (Amity International School-Vasundhra)